Decentralized Platform for Web3 Builders


PineX is a Web3 decentralized platform, resembling a Web2 cloud platform. It integrates mature Web3 infrastructure such as rollup chains, decentralized applications (DA), wallets, bridges, browsers, and more. PineX provides convenient access and a visual management interface for these infrastructures, making it easy for Web3 developers to utilize and manage these resources.
Adhering to decentralized principles, PineX aims to create a secure platform where user-created resources, utilized services, and business operations are entirely independent. Additionally, PineX seeks to optimize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Web3 application developers in managing and utilizing infrastructure.

  • Decentralization

  • High efficiency

  • Low Cost

Rollup as a Service


RedPine is a Rollup as a Service (RaaS) provider. It is the first cloud-based RaaS product, with resources generated by RedPine located in the user's cloud platform account. Users have complete control over these resources, guaranteeing the security of both assets and accounts.

  • Efficiency

    It takes only 30 seconds to deploy a dedicated rollup chain.

  • Security

    Complete control of resources and private keys is handed over to the user.

  • Flexibility

    Provides customizable combinations such as user gas token etc.

  • Low Cost

    No additional fees other than cloud resource costs.

  • Flexibility

    Freedom to choose from various mainstream Alt-DA solutions such as Celestia, Avail, compatible with both OP and ZK schemes.

  • High Performance

    Celestia, Avail, and other Alt-DA solutions involve a significant number of light nodes in data availability verification, supporting block sizes of several megabytes.

  • Decentralization

    Alt-DA solutions like Celestia, Avail address the data availability verification issue for light nodes, thereby solving the centralization problem of full nodes under large blocks.

  • Low Cost

    Due to the higher scalability of Alt-DA solutions like Celestia and Avail, it significantly reduces data availability costs compared to Ethereum.



RedPine supports choosing alternative data availability solutions such as Celestia and Avail. This ensures security while achieving higher performance and lower costs.


Layer2's Layer2, compared to Layer2, can further enhance scalability, making it suitable for AppChains with higher demands on scalability


  • custom gas token

    Customize the gas token and the gas price of the rollup

  • block explorers

    View transaction history and network statistics etc

  • bridge ui

    Bridge assets from your chain to L1 and other L2s

  • Integrations

    Extend your rollup with the third-party apps and services



  • 30S launch a custom rollup



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